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We are a Claims Management Company.

We provide professional services to employees and employers, across the UK.

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Individuals face dilemmas: what shall I do when faced with career threatening issues like disciplinary/capability proceedings, redundancy; being bullied or harassed or discriminated, raising grievances, employment law related issues, or an Employment Tribunal claim etc.

We represent and ensure that from the highest ranking senior executives to junior employees, receive the best legal representation and the highest level of consideration and care at all times. We also aim to keep costs as manageable as possible throughout the course of our work for you.


Knowing how to handle staffing issues effectively and not to mention the ever-changing employment legislation are many of the dilemmas facing organisations today. We know how stressful and time consuming it can be, dealing with these workplace issues. That’s where Employment Rights Services comes in. With us on your side, it’s like having your own HR team at a fraction of the cost.

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